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Choosing the correct wrap for your vehicle is easy. Depending on your vehicle type and the area of the vehicle you wish to wrap, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether a Polywrap is the right Choice.

PolyWrap series is ideal solution for flat sided vehicles without grooves or recesses, Examples of this can be smooth finished truck sides such as GRP fridge units or any truck sides without any joining or corrugated panels.

The PolyWrap series is also suited for certain types of LCV and van type vehicles branding, but only where the areas that are been wrapped are recess free. Mild curves and flat panel area’s are also fine. PolyWrap is not recommended for full vehicle wraps such as the ProWrap360 or Premium360 range as it does not perform well when the material is stretch around challenging curves or over recessed areas.

Used on the correct surfaces, the PolyWrap series is a premier choice for many vehicle branding designs, with vibrant colour, no shrinkage and comes coated with choice of high gloss or matt finish.


  • Vehicle exterior colours
  • Vehicle design
  • Promotion and messaging
  • Timeline
  • Graphic materials to choose based on lifecycle of vehicle and/or promotion
  • Different type of graphics to choose from to match your requirements: ProWrap full or partial wraps, EcoWrap range or Bespoke, through to simple decals
  • Longevity
  • Warranty
  • Budget


Our installation services incorporates extremely qualified personnel and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.

Installation programmes can be customised to meet specific requirements, for example:

  • Installation at your business premises at a time to fit in with shift patterns
  • Out of hours sessions in the evening or at weekends
  • Using dedicated inhouse installation specialists to deliver premium results every time
Please contact our Telephone Account Executives for more information or to obtain a comparison
quotation, to ensure you achieve the best solution to match your needs.