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The ProWrap series of vehicle branding allows you to customise your vehicles for an entirely new look that will make them stand out from other commercial vehicles.

We have taken the hard work away and offer the best solution for your branding objectives. The ProWrap Series is suitable for all types of vehicles from cars, to light commercials through to HGVs and specialist vehicles, such as buses and trams. All you need to do is choose the size of wrap you want or you may decide to choose a selection of wraps for your vehicles. For example, ProWrap360 for HGVs and/or ProWrap270, ProWrap180 or ProWrap90 for your LCV or company car fleet.


  • Vehicle exterior colours
  • Vehicle design
  • Promotion and messaging
  • Timeline
  • Graphic materials to choose based on lifecycle of vehicle and/or promotion
  • Different type of graphics to choose from to match your requirements: ProWrap full or partial wraps, EcoWrap range or Bespoke, through to simple decals
  • Longevity
  • Warranty
  • Budget



ProWrap 360 is designed specifically to meet the needs of companies who want to create the maximum impact and utilise all of the available space on your vehicle.

**NEW** ProWrap 360+ is where you go the extra mile and cover vehicle parts such as bumpers and mirrors.


Whether you want three quarters, half or quarter of you vehicles wrapped

Partial ProWraps are the best choice where you want subtle communications (i.e. ProWrap 90 for car fleets) or where price is an issue, allowing  you to achieve the same eye catching messaging for less cost.

This means we can work to your budget as you will pick the coverage of graphics.


ProWrap 270 normally normally includes the entire rear and three quarters of the vehicle sides


ProWrap 180 normally includes the entire rear, halfway up the vehicle and a bonnet logo


ProWrap 90 normally includes the partial rear and logo to the side of the vehicle


Our installation services incorporates extremely qualified personnel and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.

Installation programmes can be customised to meet specific requirements, for example:

  • Installation at your business premises at a time to fit in with shift patterns
  • Out of hours sessions in the evening or at weekends
  • Using dedicated inhouse installation specialists to deliver premium results every time
Please contact our Telephone Account Executives for more information or to obtain a comparison
quotation, to ensure you achieve the best solution to match your needs.