Project Management

Established procedures and processes are in place to ensure the successful management and delivery of all projects.  Our guiding light when it comes to successful project management is people, processes and communications.  A typical scenario would be on receipt of your purchase order, an inhouse dedicated project manager would be assigned to manage your account.


Review the project scope and task list – Identify the project’s requirements for people, design, equipment and material resources.  A project timetable would be put in place so that all cross functional teams were aware of the full details of the project, the outputs, and critical dates alongside quality controls. Resources would be verified to ensure the tasks get the results we have committed to.
Resource progress is actively monitored and appropriate action taken to ensure we stay on track to meet your purchase order, on time and within budget.
Client communications – from receipt of your purchase order to delivery of products and installation services, effective communications will be in place to ensure that you are not only happy with our creatives, products, services and support, but delighted.
After sales service and technical assistance – Universal Graphics offers an end to end service and installation – this means that we have inhouse control, we do not rely on third parties.  We guarantee our work and vehicle wrap installation.  Our services do not end once the contract is completed, there is a single point of contact in your dedicated Project Manager who will assist in offering advice and support as needed.